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Tempe, AZ – Facts and recommendations

Tempe in ArizonaTempe, Arizona has been the center of our mobile mechanic professional activities for years, therefore we owe so much to the city and the people living here. We received so much support from them, so it has been a great pleasure for our mobile mechanics when we get the calls from our potential customers and we get the opportunity to help them out with issues with their vehicles. This is the time when we feel really like part of the local community, because we can contribute and add value. That is the reason why here we have collected a few information about Tempe, AZ, because we just would love if more people could get to know this fantastic place. We are sure that once you have more knowledge about the city, you will realize that a visit here would be a fantastic idea. 

Main facts about the city of Tempe, AZ:

 We are located in Maricopa Counta, Arizona, USA.

 We can be considered one of the biggest suburbs of Phoenix. 

 The main campus of the Arizona State University is located in Tempe. 

The estimated population of the city is 195,000. 

State Farm Insurance is the largest employer of the city with approximately 7150 employees. 

East Valley Tribune has multiple offices for their journalists in Tempe. 

The neighborhoods of the city:

Tempe Gardens

Our favorite restaurants in Tempe:

U.S. Egg
Casa Reynoso

Our favorite places in Tempe:

Beach Park
Kiwanis Park

Our city is a place which is full of hidden gems, so when you can here, you can really use a local guide. Fortunately we have been helping coming here for many years and we take great joy from helping them find the best spots in Tempe, AZ. The reason for that is we really love to serve other people, no matter if this is about fixing their cars or showing them the best places in a particular city. So in case you decide to visit here, make sure that you reach out to us and we will be happy to give you a few pro tips to enhance your stay here in Arizona. 


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